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*Cover Reveal* FOREVER FREDLESS by Suzy Turner

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Suzy Turner, author of The Raven Saga and The Morgan Sisters series is releasing a new book called FOREVER FREDLESS. This is to be a chick-lit novel and will also appeal to teenage girls. 
I am lucky enough to be a part of the cover reveal today, so without further ado...Here it is...


I think this cover is so cute and girly!

Forever Fredless by Suzy Turner
"Kate Robinson has spent the past two decades yearning to find her soul mate, the boy she found and then lost during a family holiday. Shortly after her twenty-eighth birthday, however, she inherits a fortune from an old family friend and becomes something of an overnight celebrity. Can her new-found fame lead her to him after all this time?"
Forever Fredless will be available from online bookstores from October 2013

For more details about Suzy and her books, visit: 

Thank you for coming along to the cover reveal, I hope you will hop on over to Suzy's blog and give her a follow. She's a pretty rockin' author and I really hope you'll show her some love. 
If by some twist of fate you haven't heard of Suzy before, trust me, you really should give her blog a look and follow her on Twitter. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

*Cover Reveal* BECAUSE OF LUCY by Lisa Swallow

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I've brought you here today to reveal the beautiful stunning cover for Because if Lucy by Lisa Swallow
Without further ado....


Coming August 2013…


"In life, there are some people you have to lose in order to find yourself."

Ness’s parents are shocked when she turns down her place at Leeds University and takes on a full-time job in a call center. Determined to begin her adult life the way she wants, Ness moves to Leeds to live with her best friend Abby.

One night she meets Evan, who is everything she hates about guys. He may be hot but he’s also drunken, arrogant, and on top of that, he apparently has sex with girls and forgets about it. But Evan isn't what he seems and Ness soon discovers they have more in common than she thought.

Evan is struggling to escape from his past too, and when Lucy appears she threatens his new relationship with Ness. Unsure if she can deal with the effect Lucy has on Evan, Ness makes a decision about her future which pulls them apart.

When their new lives don't go as planned, Ness and Evan are both faced with difficult choices. All because of Lucy. 

*Recommended 17+ due to strong language and sexual content*

Author Bio:
Lisa was born in the UK and she moved around Europe with her military family before completing a BA (Hons) in English at the University of Leeds. Her home is now in Perth, Australia with her husband and three children. Lisa has written since she was a child - moving from writing poems and short stories aged nine to writing novels in the last few years. With the encouragement of her family and local writers group, Lisa found the confidence to share her latest paranormal romance series with the world.

In between running her home based craft supplies business, looking after her family, and writing, Lisa sometimes finds spare time to do other things. This often involves swapping her book worlds for gaming worlds. She even leaves the house occasionally, enjoying walks with her dog and time with her family. She loves all things from the Whedonverse and preferred vampires before they sparkled.

Lisa enjoys reading both classics and modern fiction. Her favorite genres are gothic, paranormal and urban fantasy, but she also enjoys contemporary new adult. She is currently working on more books in the Soul Ties series, and has other projects lined up waiting.

Thank you for coming by for the cover reveal.  I hope y'all will go and add this to your TBR.

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I Have Official 'Goodreads Author' Status...

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I wanted to let you know, I have put my book STOLEN on Goodreads and have been granted Goodreads Author status. 
So what does this mean for you? I would absolutely love it if my book sounded like your cup of tea and you wanted to add it to your Goodreads TBR list. 
I'll give you the synopsis (may be subject to change):

Roshanna O'Dare wakes in her own home with part of her memory missing and is shocked when she finds her parents dead in their home. With no family, or any clues as to what happened to her parents, Roshanna makes a plan to move away from Cypress Hill to Texas, Austin, to live with her last living relative, Uncle Joe after the funeral. But it means leaving her best friend, Marissa Mason behind.
During her Uncle’s visit, she meets his chauffeur, Bodhi Vincent, who seems to understand Roshanna in a way no one else has. Bodhi is her rock after the death of her parents and the longer she stays with him while with her uncle, the closer they become.

Before moving away, Roshanna is confronted with a shocking secret that Marissa had kept from her, a secret that changes how she sees life and the people in it—Marissa is a pure soul and her foster parents are soul drainers who need her pure energy to survive.
Marissa gives Roshanna an amulet, knowing she will want to search for her parents’ souls and, after moving to Texas, Roshanna does just that, even as she begins to wonder how she'll ever find her parents' souls or track down the man that stole them.

When Roshanna goes back to Cypress Hill to talk to Marissa’s foster parents, she finds out that her best friend kept another secret from her.

Will Roshanna find her parents' souls and set them free? Will she find love along the way?

Stolen is book one of the Freedom of Souls series. Book two is called Freed and will be the last book

You can add it to your TBR list HERE!

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*Cover Reveal* ROCK MY HEART by Selene Chardou

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I am here today to bring you the gorgeous cover for ROCK MY HEART by the wonderful author-extraordinaire Selene Chardou. 
So, without further ado, here it is....

Gorgeous or what?
Want to know more about it? You ask and I shall provide....

Title: Rock My Heart (Scarlet Fever Series #1)
Author: Selene Chardou
Expected release date: Friday August 30th, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Rock Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Cover Designed by: Stephanie Nelson (

Book Description:
“I thought I knew what I wanted but someone forgot to tell me that you have to embrace the ugly in a relationship in order to appreciate the beauty of what you have created between another person and yourself. The following is what happens when you think you can take a short cut but in life, as in love, easy doesn’t come without difficulty, and if you want love to survive, you have to fight for it each and every day.”Sydney Lundvik

Syd and Kaz survived getting together in the most unusual of ways, a rigorous world tour and his crazy ex-wife but their relationship will be tested more than they ever thought was possible. Now that Sydney is expecting their first child and they are engaged, demons from Kaz’s past rear their ugly head and cause a catalyst that will spin their world completely out of control.
Kaz reacts in the only way he knows how and that is to shut down his emotions while contemplating a deal for Scarlet Fever that could set them up for life and finally give them the stability they need.
Meanwhile, Syd reacts to the situation in a way that is completely unbecoming and may spell the end of their relationship and the happy ending she has craved for so long.
Can two people—who have gone through the fires of lust and love—reconnect with what brought them together in the first place and make peace not only with themselves and each other or will the pressure prove too great and tear them apart for good?
This is the explosive conclusion to one of the most exciting and twisted love affairs in rock history.

Selene Chardou is a world traveler and the alter-ego of Elle Chardou.
Ms. Chardou’s writing is all about hot romance and exciting times with the wild, damaged, out of control and/or rich and famous set in the New Adult realm.
She is currently working on In Too Deep, the conclusion to The Lovers Duet, and The Will To Love, book two in the Scarlet Fever Series, which chronicles the relationship of Will, the bassist of Scarlet Fever and Laurel, Syd’s BFF who fell head over heels for the hot rocker.
Ms. Chardou has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Contact Information: 
Add Rock My Heart (Scarlet Fever Series #1) to your Goodreads TBR List Here:
Blog: The Realm of Selene Chardou located
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Follow Selene Chardou on Twitter:!/ellechardou

Thank you for coming by for the cover reveal and I hope you'll pick up a copy of the book when it becomes available.

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Review of LOVE KILLS by Natalie Hancock

Publication Date: TBC
Source: e-copy provided by author for review purposes

"Falling in love has never been so dangerous...

In a world full of Demons, Rayne is the only one of her kind. An Immortal destined to change the fates of the ones she swore to protect.
When Kade arrives, the tables turn and Rayne finds her own life on the line. As a Demon of death and destruction, Kade has the ability to take Rayne’s Immortal life from her.
Rayne hungers for his blood and Kade lusts for her body underneath his. Their desires spark, igniting passion neither of them can control.
As the apocalypse nears, Rayne trains hard to prepare for war but when everything begins to fall apart and Kade’s Demonic side reigns free, turning him against her, she only has two options: fight with her life to save the Demons, or let herself be killed, potentially destroying everything in the process.
Which will she choose?"

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

When Natalie first approached me about reading a new book she was working on, I couldn’t help but agree. Thank goodness I did. It was an amazing, all-consuming story that had me on the edge of my seat and biting my finger nails with all the action and drama that occurred.
Love Kills is about Rayne, a girl who has to move to a different world thanks to a vision from her Prophetess. 
The vision showed that Rayne must move to this new world, away from all that is familiar - including her family - in order to protect the Demons from the coming apocalypse. 
The world she is moved to is over-run with Lurkers. Once the loved ones, family and friends of the Demons, they are now the undead that plague the city. Thankfully, Rayne built a wall in between parts of the city. She closed off the Demons from the Lurkers, it was too dangerous not to segregate them. 
Rayne can manifest her weapon of choice, anything from a dagger, to a scythe and everything in between. This allows her to fight any Lurkers when she has to go to the other side of the wall. It also aids her training because she doesn’t know what or when the apocalypse will be. She must train to fight any enemy, known to man or otherwise. The good thing is, Rayne is an Immortal, and as such cannot be killed. She can be harmed - say a Lurker were to take a bite out of her arm – but any infection they may carry would not be passed on to her, she’s immune. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t take a beating her and there, but as she’s Immortal, she knows nothing can seriously hurt her.
Thankfully, she has a select few Demon friends who aid her with training for the apocalypse. There’s Rita and Pita, the two feline Demons. There’s Ren, the Demon who always patches her up if she gets injured. Then there’s Caleb, the computer genius who is light years ahead of anyone else in the field of technology – it was he who built the Pod. 
What’s the Pod? Good question! The answer is; it’s where Rayne goes to train. Thanks to Caleb, it plays out any scenario they can think of. Add a Zombie here and a Demon there, Rayne heads in to fight, to get herself in shape for what is coming. As they don’t have any idea what will happen with the apocalypse, they proceed to play out scenarios where anything is possible.
Rayne trains day and night, never thinking to give herself a break. She wants to be prepared and she believes that if she’s taking a break – even if it is well deserved – she’s not doing enough to try and protect the Demons in town. 
The Demons aren’t exactly all that welcoming of Rayne. That’s why she only has a handful of friends in the world. She doesn’t have a man in her life; she doesn’t even have time to entertain the thought of a man, never mind an actual relationship, that would be a distraction from her duties. That is until the day Caleb adds Kade into the Pod.
Kade is in a scenario where Rayne must get young Demon girl back to safety before anything can happen to her. 
He’s tall, broad and handsome; for a Demon.
The trouble is, Rayne must fight him to protect the girl. She swore to give up her life in protection of the Demons and that is exactly what she plans to do.
Once out of that particular scenario, she meets the real-life Kade and can’t help but wonder “What if?”
From there, she has to train with Kade outside of the Pod. He’s strong and has a unique talent, being able to shift the earth below to his advantage. But I won’t tell you any more about that. You can find out just how amazing and swoonworthy he is when you read Love Kills for yourself.
As I said earlier, this was an all-consuming story. I read it in just a few hours. I was surprised at my own reading speed. I was turning the pages faster and faster, anticipating what was to come.
This was a fast-paced, action-packed, brilliantly written story. I loved how Rayne had the ability to manifest any weapon she liked. The fact she usually chose scythes amused me to no end.
I loved how Rayne was determined to protect the Demons even when they made it clear she wasn’t wanted in their world. They didn’t know what was coming but they didn’t want the protection of an Immortal. The fact was, she made them hate her the moment she built the wall that divided them from their loved ones, even if they had turned into Lurkers.
This story is probably one of my favourites, and no, not just because I’m in love with Kade.
I loved the basic premise, and the way it was played out. The thought of Rayne being able to train in a Pod – that was an intriguing one.  I was glad to see that Natalie didn’t build up an idea and then have it fall flat. Sometimes, that can happen in a story and you wish you could just skip on to the end and then never read another book in the series. But with Love Kills, I was absolutely dying for the next book straight after I had finished. 
I am so glad to hear that Natalie is writing another book, but in all honesty, I’m hoping she’ll write another two or three. That would be fantastic. Not only does the story intrigue me, I love Natalie’s easy writing style. She has a style that anyone can get to grips with. What I mean is that sometimes authors over-complicate things. Natalie doesn’t. The story plays out well enough without her needing to add in extra (un-necessary) complications. 
Thank you Natalie for an advanced copy of Love Kills. Suffice to say, I absolutely loved it and it deserved every one of the 5 wings I rated it, and then some. 
P.S: If you can create some more steamy kiss scenes with Kade in the next book, I will be one very happy reader 

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Review of LOVE ME IF YOU DARE by Kate Laurens

Author: Kate Laurens
Publication Date: June 29th 2013
Source: e-copy provided by RABT for review purposes

From the author of Love Me For Me... Some things change... It's been three years since Kaylee Sawyer has been home--home to the alcoholic mother she can't handle, home to the painful memories of her sister Ella... and home to the guilt she's carried for years. About to enter her final year of college, she is determined to come to terms with the mess of her past--and to ignore the guy whose single kiss has been tattooed into her mind forever. Some things stay the same... Dylan McKay is still golden haired and dangerous, the flame Kaylee was always afraid to touch for fear of getting burnt. But despite the damage that's been done, she finds that she still can't stay away from the one person who accepted her the way she was. Some things are meant to be. Kaylee is no longer the innocent girl she once was. Though tragedy ripped them apart before, one look from Dylan brings all of the old feelings rushing back. Torn between her past and her future, she's not sure if a person can ever truly go home again. But Dylan doesn't plan to let her go without a fight. **Recommended for mature readers aged 17+ due to language and sexual content**

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

I absolutely adored Safe Haven book one, Love Me For Me. So when I got asked to to participate in this blog tour, the answer just had to be yes. I am so glad I didn't pass up the opportunity to read this amazing book. It had me hooked from the start, staying up late into the night to finish it off (2am) and in floods of tears come the end. (But good tears, not bad).

Kaylee Sawyer hasn't been home for three years. Home means an alcoholic mother, memories of her dead sister Ella and memories of a guy she spent the longest time lusting after but never did anything about until the day of Ella's death. Home means a terrible feeling of guilt. But she is determined to go home and face the past even though it threatens to smother her. 
Once home, Kaylee is confronted with everything she feared. Her mom is still an alcoholic, memories of Ella are around her like a noose threatening to tighten and the one boy she ever cared about is the one person in town she is determined to avoid. 

Dylan McKay is hot and dangerous. Kaylee is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. She needs to be able to stay away for her own sanity, but she just finds it so very hard. 

Getting back to town, Kaylee thought that people wouldn't be bothered to see her, thought they all just saw her as the sister of the girl that died. But she's starting to see that maybe her opinion was wrong. 
There are people that are excited to have her back in town. And then there's someone who she needs to confront but can't find the words. 

Her friends are happy to see her and Dylan is...well... to tell would be to spoil. This story is something you need to experience first-hand. 

Will things ever happen between Kaylee and Dylan or is the past destined to stand in the way of the future?

I would love to tell you more, but I am trying desperately to keep my review spoiler free. 

What I can tell you is this:
This story is amazing. It's one that had my emotions all over the place. Kaylee doesn't see herself the way others do. She does herself down instead. She's someone that I couldn't help but feel a connection with. She's at a low ebb and then as the story progresses, she opens up like a butterfly from a cocoon. 
Kate Laurens' writing is amazing. She sucks you in, churns you up inside and then spits you back out the other side. I stayed up until 2am this morning just to finish reading and then I ended up in floods of tears. That should tell you something because I don't cry easily. You have to really touch me, get a grip on my emotions and this is something Kate did. 
I really hope you buy this book and enjoy it as much as I did. You'd be crazy not to. You don't have to have read Love Me For Me first, but it would be better (in my opinion) if you did.

Thank you to RABT for providing this book for review purposes. Thank you to Kate who created Kaylee and who created the guy of my dreams, Dylan McKay.

Thank you to anyone who came to read my review today. Hope to see you all again soon.

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Review of SILVER HEART by Victoria Green

Publication Date: July 25th 2013
Source: e-copy provided by author for BETA reading and review purposes#

"There comes a moment in everyone’s life when they must decide which road leads to personal happiness. For Dylan Silver, this is that moment…

For the past twenty-two-years, Dylan has been living in her parents' carefully crafted world, always putting her own dreams on hold to play the role of a dutiful daughter.

So when her best friend coaxes her into a winter getaway to a mountain cabin, she sees it as a chance to forget about the responsibilities waiting for her at home. At least for a little while.

But then her past catches up to her—in the form of sexy snowboarder, Sawyer Carter.

Six years ago, Dylan bid goodbye to the only boy she ever truly loved. Now he's standing right in front of her, bringing up bittersweet memories and igniting suppressed desires as he dares her to be the person she has always wanted to be.

Dylan and Sawyer’s unexpected meeting is a second chance, but will a girl who doesn't believe in fate and taking risks be able to overcome her fears of losing control and finally embrace the life she desperately wants?

Only one thing is certain: after a week in Whistler, Dylan's world will never be the same."

*Please note that this novel contains mature subject matter, including strong language and sexual situations that may not be suitable for all readers. Reader/buyer discretion is advised.*

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

Note: This review may contain what some of you would call spoilers, though I don't think so. Please read on only if you are comfortable with that. Thank you. 

I was lucky enough to be able to BETA-read this amazing novel. When I say lucky, that’s an understatement really – I just don’t have a word to describe it. 
Silver Heart is one of those heart-wrenching books that is also heart-warming at the same time. It’s difficult to put into words how I felt about the story because it made me feel such a roller coaster of emotions that it’s hard to pin-point the essence of what made this book so awesome. 
Dylan Silver is a twenty-two year old girl who is on track to become a doctor. It’s what she’s worked towards all her life. But is it what she really wants? Her true passion is photography, but her parents believe that she can’t make a career out of that so they condition her and push her to become the doctor they would be proud of. 
Sawyer Carter is an amazing snow-boarder. He’s nicknamed Carter the Carver because he is so good at it. He’s trying to work his way up to being on the Olympic team, that’s his dream. He had a rough childhood with an abusive father and an absent mother. The only thing that ever held him together was Dylan, or Silver, as he called her. 
The two were best friends throughout their childhood. She was a 7 year old girl with a 9 year old brother. She introduced Adam to Sawyer and they became fast friends. But Silver always felt more for Sawyer than just friendship. She was too shy to tell him she thought she was in love with him. 
Silver was the one Sawyer turned to when yet again his father had been abusive. He couldn’t turn to anyone else. But Silver was always there to patch him up. She was the balm that soothed his wounds, his heart, and his soul. He was never been brave enough to tell her he’s in love with her. 
Dylan goes on a week’s holiday with her friend Tracy. Enter the loud, highly-sexed best friend! If ever there were two opposite people, it would be Tracy and Dylan. But that’s okay because opposites attract and Tracy and her antics are just the kind of thing Dylan needs. Her parents have been pushing her more lately. Now that she’s graduated, now more than ever they are pushing her to find a career. She’s always said she’d work in paediatrics and her parents want her to make her move and become a doctor now. But Dylan took this week out to be with Tracy and have a good time – after all, all study and no play makes Dylan a dull girl.
The two girls are at a resort and Tracy is adamant she wants to get with Dylan’s brother Adam. Dylan however, doesn’t have boys on her mind. That is until she looks across the room and there he is. 6 years apart and he still makes her breath hitch in her throat. 
Sawyer Carter. The best friend, the boy she’s been in love with for what feels like her whole life. Of all the places to be, he’s in the one place she didn’t think he would be. He’s here to snowboard with his friends. He takes one look at Silver and crosses the room to be near her. The girl he’s been in love with for years. She’s in the one place he never thought she would be. 
Rekindling their friendship after 6 years apart is seamless. They melt back into each other’s’ lives like those years didn’t happen. 
Silver’s world is turned upside-down and inside-out. She’s always known she would go on to become a doctor. It’s what she’s worked for, Adam too. Both of them are going into medicine. But here, with Sawyer, she feels like her world is unravelling. Her passion for photography comes back to life when she takes photos of him and his friends on the slopes. Why is it she has to do what her parents want and not what her heart wants?
Dylan’s parents were never happy about her friendship with Sawyer. They knew what his family was like. But it wasn’t Sawyer’s fault and when the time came, he left town to follow his dream, his passion for snowboarding. 
Silver starts to realise that maybe her life isn’t all it could be, all it should be. Sawyer pushes her beyond her boundaries. He pushes her to be the girl she is on the inside. He’s like gravity, grounding her where she needs to be. 
This is the story of two broken, almost ‘star-crossed’ people who lead very different lives but have always been the others’ other half. Wherever they are, they will always be the part that makes the other whole.
I won’t lie, this story made me cry several times. I don’t know whether I have become over-emotional lately, I seem to cry at things other people don’t. But I guess that’s why they say no two people ever read the same book. 
This is a beautifully written, fast-paced, roller coaster of emotion. I spent the whole time glued to the book. I was gripped from the beginning and even a day after finishing it, sitting here writing my review, I am reminded of the passion, the fire, the all-consuming beauty of this book. 
If there was ever a book I could say was totally perfect, it would be Dylan Silver’s story, Silver Heart.
I felt like such a terrible BETA when I gave Victoria my feedback – I couldn’t think of one even slightly negative thing to say. Everything was me gushing about how wonderful this was and how I want a Sawyer Carter of my very own. I couldn’t give any constructive criticism, the only thing I could tell her was ‘Don’t you dare change a thing’. The only bad thing in this whole story was the fact that it had to end and that it is a stand-alone. I want more Silver and Sawyer. But I guess I can read it over again. 
If I could say one thing about this book, it is that Tracy is an absolute riot! Her sexy exploits, her big mouth and her infectious laugh. She has the best outlook on life and I’m glad Silver has her there to be the best ‘best friend’ a girl could ask for.
I am so glad to have been one of Victoria’s BETA-readers. Her writing style is… unique. She knows how to make me laugh, how to make me cry and how to make it up to me afterwards. 
Thank you Victoria for the chance to read this amazing book. I’m glad I didn’t pass up the chance.

Thank you all for coming to read my review. I am only sorry it took me so long to post it as I have been trying to take a break from blogging. 
Side Note: Normal service should resume around September. 

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Welcome To Gothic Angel's Birthday Giveaway!

**Giveaway Now Closed**

Hey Guys and Girls! *waves*

I am turning 30 later this month and I thought I would give you chance to win an awesome book and some amazing SWAG.

So what do I have to give away? I have an ARC copy of STALKED BY DEATH by Kelly Hashway, Spencer Hill Press SWAG and a package of SWAG from various authors, some signed, some unsigned.

(click photo to enlarge)

What do you have to do to win? Enter via the Rafflecopter widget on this post. 
(give the widget a few moments to load)

Terms and Conditions:
  • Gothic Angel will not be held responsible for damage or loss in the post
  • International delivery always takes longer so please allow a few weeks 
  • The author is in no way affiliated with this giveaway, this is something I chose to giveaway, so please do not ask the author for a replacement copy if it gets lost in the mail. 

Edit: The winner has been drawn. The lucky recipient of these goodies is Lisa Harwood!


Author: J.K Rock
Publication Date: March 26th 2013
Source: paperback copy provided by the author for review purposes

"The Camp Kiss That Started It All…

Lauren Carlson, a fourteen-year-old expert on the cosmos, superheroes, and science fiction trivia has a crush on her longtime camp friend, Seth. Last summer she’d dreamed about upgrading their relationship to BF/GF status and this year she has a plan… if only her well-meaning cabin mates wouldn’t interfere before she’s ready. She hasn’t even adjusted to her new braces yet, let alone imagined kissing Seth with them. When a dare pushes her out of her comfort zone, will she and Seth rocket out of the friendzone at last? There’s only one way to find out…"

*I Hereby Award This Novella 5 Wings!*

When I first started talking to Karen Rock (half of the writing duo behind this book) she told me about Camp Boyfriend and I contacted Spencer Hill Press straight away. They told me I was the first person to request an ARC. Then I was told I could download the prequel novella, Camp Kiss
I decided to wait until I had Camp Boyfriend in my hands to read Camp Kiss because I am terribly impatient and wouldn't have been able to wait - as it is, I have a long wait ahead for the next installment, Payback
So when Karen said she could get me a paperback copy from BEA, I was beyond excited and was ready to pounce on my mail-man. The day they landed on my doorstep, I have to admit I let out a little squeal and was so happy to see a signed copy of CK and CB and some SWAG. 

When I first started reading this, I was totally sucked in. We don't have camps like this here in the UK and I wanted to know what they were like. I was totally hooked by the feel of the story, the way the words painted images in my mind. I sort of imagined it to be a bit like the camp in the Percy Jackson film.
I was swept away by the story of Lauren and Seth. They were like two peas in a pod. Perfect for each other in every way. But would their relationship finally turn into the relationship of Lauren's dreams? For a long time, they have been friends, but Lauren has always wanted more. Little did she know that this Summer she may finally get her wish come true.

This was a brilliantly written story and I was finished in record time because it was just so fast-paced and I was dying to know what would become of Lauren, Seth and their friends.
Not once could I really tell this was written by two authors. The fluidity of the words and the story on the whole was seamless. 
I am so grateful to Joanne and Karen for sending this to me and it shall remain a much treasured ARC.

Author: J.K. Rock
Publication Date: July 2nd 2013
Source: paperback copy provided by the authors for review purposes.

"The summer of her dreams is about to get a reality check.

They said it couldn't be done, but geeky sophomore Lauren Carlson transformed herself into a popular girl after moving to a new school halfway across the country. Amazing what losing her braces and going out for cheerleading will do. Only trouble is, the popular crowd is wearing on Lauren's nerves and she can't wait to return to summer camp where she's valued for her brain instead of her handsprings. She misses her old friends and most of all, her long time camp-only boyfriend, Seth. This year she intends to upgrade their relationship to year-round status once she's broken up with her new, jock boyfriend, Matt. He doesn't even begin to know the real her, a girl fascinated by the night sky who dreams of discovering new planets and galaxies.

But Matt isn't giving her up without a fight. As he makes his case to stay together, Lauren begins to realize his feelings run deeper than she ever would have guessed. What if the guy she thought she was meant to be with forever isn't really The One? Returning to Camp Juniper Point was supposed to ground her uprooted life, but she's more adrift than ever. Everything feels different and soon Lauren's friends are turning on her and both guys question what she really wants. As summer tensions escalate, Lauren wonders if she's changed more than she thought. Will her first big discovery be herself?"

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

As soon as I was finished with Camp Kiss, I dove straight into Camp Boyfriend. I was desperate to know what was going to happen next. 
This Summer, Lauren has got rid of her braces. She's no longer geeky. She's a cheerleader and is popular at her new school. But she misses camp life. She misses the girls in her cabin, 'Munchies Manor'. Most of all, she misses Seth.
But while she was at school, she got together with a popular, handsome, charming guy called Matt. She was meant to dump him and return to camp single. She wanted to know if this year would be the year that her and Seth would finally make their relationship a year-round thing. But fate has a different plan in-store for Lauren and the boys in her life. 
She returns to camp, but now the whole balance is out of whack and Lauren is in doubt as to whether she can ever return the equilibrium of previous camp life. 

Lauren goes through so much this Summer. She's got to choose between Matt and Seth. Her friends are all falling to the wayside because of the boy drama but also because they see a different Lauren, someone they aren't used to being around. 
Lauren is on the verge of having everything or nothing and she can't seem to make the step into one future or the other. 

This story was chock full of drama, tension, love, friendships being tested to the boundaries. I really felt sorry for Lauren because she never asked for any of it to happen - she soon realised after returning to camp that nothing would ever be the same. 
I was totally Team Seth in Camp Kiss, but then when Matt was introduced in Camp Boyfriend, I was torn between the two. I can't say I love one more than the other. I can see that Lauren loved Seth for many reasons but then there are also many reasons to love Matt too, even if they are totally polar opposites (the boys that is). Geeky Lauren is a good fit with Seth but then cheerleader Lauren is a good fit with Matt and I love the way he tells her he won't let her go without a fight. So I am firmly ensconced in Team Seth and Team Matt.

This was a superb story and I am dying for the next book. I have far too long to wait now!

I really like the writing style of Joanne and Karen. They say that the right words can paint a beautiful picture within the mind's eye. Well I was totally drawn in and I felt like I could have been right there beside them in camp. The characters were all so real and tangible. That's one of my favourite things in this book. It goes to show that fictional characters needn't necessarily be 2D - they can be well rounded 3 dimensional people. 
I felt like I could have easily been part of the girls group in Munchies Manor and been friends with Lauren and her friends. I loved how there was a rival girls camp and whilst one or two of them may have been stuck up, there were also a couple of them that weren't all that bad. 
This story proved that there needn't always be a line drawn in the sand between 'popular' girls and the not-so-popular. 

I really hope in the next book that whilst there will always be ups and downs, there can also be some times when people aren't treated by what they are labelled and can just get on with each other even if it's only whilst they are at camp.

Thank you Karen and Joanne for my copies of the books and my OCD thanks you for putting them in a plastic bag so that no-one else had touched them except for the 3 of us. I can't wait for Payback!

Thank you for coming to read my reviews today. I hope you enjoyed them and that I didn't spoil anything for you. 
I hope you all go on to buy these books and experience first-hand how much fun they are. I hope you, like me, are happy with who Lauren ends up with. 

Until next time....

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