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Review of FALLING TO PIECES by L.T Kelly

Author: LT Kelly
Publication Date: June 29th 2013
Source: e-copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

When Teagan Lewis moves from rural Montana to the bright lights of London with her maker Thomas, she expects to live as harmoniously as she has for the last one hundred-fifty years.
Teagan didn’t know she had a heart or soul until she met Marc Romano. 
However, it quickly becomes clear that Marc is forbidden fruit. All the signs that he isn’t human were there from the beginning, but she chose to ignore them…to her peril.
Can she simply walk away from this mesmerizing stranger? Or should she risk her immortality to be with the man she has fallen in love with?

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

I honestly don't know where to start with this review, how to get the words from my mind to my fingers to the screen. It would take a whole novel to really tell you why I enjoyed this book so much, but I'll try to keep it short and sweet, and of course, non-spoilery!

I haven't read a book about vampires in so long that I couldn't honestly name you the last one I read. There was a time when vampires were all I read and I devoured so many books about them, but in recent times, it seems I cannot find one that intrigues me enough for me to pick it up. Sure, I still have unread vampire books on my Kindle, but when I come to choosing what to read, they are never at the top of the pile. 
All that changed when I saw Falling To Pieces. I don't know what came over me but I felt this intense desire, this deep need to read this book. And let me tell you, I am extremely glad I did. LT Kelly has this way of drawing you in and not letting you go, it's like she has the ability to cloud your mind so that all you see is her story and her characters become these real, tangible people that are there for you to discover and have fun while you do it. 
Does that sound silly to you? Maybe it does, but all I can tell you is for two days this book consumed me and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The character building was phenomenal. The world building was unquestionably imaginative and unique. The passion with which LT Kelly writes is what really sucks you in though. You can feel her love for and bond with each and every character, both good and bad. Teagan is a wonderful young vampire, living with her maker, Thomas. She does everything she is told without question. That is, until the night they arrive from America. They've moved to England and Teagan needs to feed. Whilst in search of something to snack on, she finds herself lusting after something else, a smell so intoxicating, she begins to feel desire for the first time in her vampire life - one-hundred and fifty years. Teagan cannot fathom the pooling of desire she is feeling ad doesn't know what to do about it - she isn't even sure of exactly what it is she is feeling, so how does she satiate her desire?

Marc is a mystery. He's an enigma. Charismatic, devilishly handsome and of course, smells so intoxicating. He's desirable on all levels. Only, there's something that Teagan can't put her finger on, something 'other' about him. But he's not a vampire, she'd know if he was. 

With how drawn she has become to Marc, will she find out 'what' he is and if she does, will it have an impact on the future of their relationship? Is what she feels for him too good to be true? Could it just be blood-lust?
How will their respective families feel about the unexpected union of the two? What will the fallout be? Can Teagan and Marc survive all that is to come their way?
There are so many questions here, and yet I cannot give you the answers you seek. Instead you must dive into the world of Teagan and Marc, using your heart to guide you. 

Beautifully written, intricately woven with intrigue, desire, love, lust, guilt, hurt and betrayal, Falling To Pieces is an emotion-coaster that once you get off, you are left feeling the desire to go through it all over again just to be near the ones you have come to love. How LT Kelly managed to make me feel such powerful emotions over this, I will never know. I swooned over Marc. I felt stabbed in the back on Teagan's behalf. I wanted so much to hurt Gabriella, not to mention others along the way. My feelings were so up and down. One minute I was happy, the next, I was plummeted so low that I was crying over my Kindle. This is definitely going straight to the top of two piles, one is my 'to-be-read-again' and the other is 'most favourite'.

Thank you Lucy for providing the e-copy of FTP, but more importantly, for crafting a world I didn't realise I would get so lost in and for creating the amazing God-like being that is Marc. *swoons* 

Thank you everyone who came to read my review. If it has inspired you to pick up yoour own copy, do so here: 

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Happy Release Day To Me!

Nothing Like the First Time
By: Keren Hughes
Limitless Publishing
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
On Sale May 20th, 2014


Carly Summers and Greyston Sterling were each other's first kiss, first sexual experience, first love, first everything...

They were a match made in Heaven, that was, until Grey took a job as a freelance photographer which took him to the other side of the world. When it came down to a choice between his career and his girl - he chose his career.

Now, 10 years later, Grey's back in town and wants to see if they can rekindle what they had all those years ago. Carly has had relationships but nothing that lasted. No one ever compared to Grey.

But how can they if he's engaged to somebody else?

Book Trailer:


“So your career comes before me?” I asked, already knowing the answer. “At least look me in the eye and answer me, it’s the least you owe me Grey.”
“I don’t want to have to choose Carls,” he said as he caught my eye. “I just don’t want to miss out on the experience of a lifetime. I get to see amazing things, capture them on film while I experience the different cultures.”
“Just answer the question Grey – you want your career more than you want me.” I started to cry again, I had wanted to get through this without crying but I was fooling myself when I thought that.

“I’m sorry Carls,” he said as he took my hand into his. “I love you, I always will. But this is the opportunity of a lifetime, it may never happen again. I need to do this. I’m not making a conscious choice to put you second but if you weren’t so stubborn, you’d come with me like I asked.”

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Nothing Like The First Time

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NLTFT Playlist:

Early Reviews:

"This book really makes you believe in love forever and happy endings." -Kay

"This book has everything you need in a romance novel: love, heartbreak and even a little suspense." -Vikki Love

About the Author:

Keren lives in the UK and is an avid bookworm; she has been since she read things like Black Beauty, What Katy Did and The Hobbit as a child. Her first real memories of reading are the summers she used to lie on her bed and re-read What Katy Did and What Katy Did Next.

Over the years she has come to realise that she is a bit OCD about books. They have to be in perfect condition without the slightest bit of damage.

She is a book reviewer and has been for the past 18 months or so.

The idea for Stolen came to her one day but she never thought she’d actually write it let alone publish it. If it wasn’t for her author friend Kira Saito, the idea would still be stuck in her head not on paper. But constant love and support from Kira is why you are now able to read Stolen.

Stolen is her first novel but now that she’s written one, she knows she needs to write more. There will be one sequel, called Freed which will be from Bodhi’s POV. This will be set a couple of years on.
Then, the plan is for her to write either NA or Adult Contemporary Romances. She has a big crush on Lady Antebellum’s music at the moment and their songs have inspired a few book ideas.

Keren loves hearing from her readers and if you want to contact her, you can do so at any of the following places:

Twitter: @Keren_Hughes
Facebook (review page):
Facebook (author page):
Author Blog:

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Review of WHAT IS HIDDEN by Lauren Skidmore

Publication Date: May 13th 2014
Source: e-ARC provided by author for review purposes.

In a land of masquerades and mystery, Evie is a mask maker in Venesia, where masks represent rank and identity. When a cryptic bandit strips away Evie’s mask and destroys her home, she goes into hiding at the palace to find both a new identity—and revenge. Fantasy lovers will be caught up by the mystique, romance, and magic of "What Is Hidden."

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*
First of all, I would like to say how absolutely stunning this cover is! I have hardly seen a cover more beautiful than this one.
I don't really know where to begin this review. It's been less than 24 hours since I finished it and my feelings are all stilll a jumble. I went to bed late last night after finishing it and my head was a mess of incoherent sentences, my face tear stained and my heart heavy and light at the same time. How? You ask. I don't technically know. The end had me happy in one way and sad/mad in another. Sad/mad because I now have to wait until probably next Summer before a sequel comes out. Honestly, the only bad thing I could find about this story was that it had to end. Right from the moment I started reading, I was lost, submerged in another world entirely. I wasn't just reading the book, I was living it. I have to say it is hands down THE best YA book I have read in a long time and there have been some fantastic ones lately. 

Evie is a mask maker. She lives in a world where everybody wears a mask. This is essentially the person's identity. They wear masks of a certain colour to show what occupation they have. The only ones other than outsiders that don't really wear masks are the Lacies. Who are the Lacies? Read the book and you'll find out! 
Evie lives and works with her father who also makes masks - she hopes one day to be as good at it as he is. But one day, Evie's life is turned inside out, back to front and upside down. She's left having to make a decision that forces her into hiding. She goes into hiding at the Palace as a server. Armed with her new identity, new job and new home, Evie must learn to hide who she was and where she's from. But there's one person in the world that would find her anywhere she went, Aiden. *swoons* I fell utterly head over heels in love with Aiden. He's kind, gentle, thoughtful, compassionate, everything you could want in a man. He's a good friend to Evie and she can't even begin to imagine what life would be like without him, so she's amazed at how he found her but happy that he did. 
Living at the Palace has its ups and downs, it's not plain sailing by any means. But with Aiden by her side, Evie believes she'll cope with the tiresome tasks the Kitchen Mistress has her doing. Aiden is at the Palace for reasons Evie does not know, but she doesn't really care, as long as she has him to turn to at the end of a long day. Aiden manages to make everything seem that much better.

Life for Evie is hard but she's a strong girl and she won't let anything break her, no matter how hard some people try. I admire her strength and courage, she's a fighter and I always love it when a character is so fiercely independent. There is nothing worse than a woman that needs a man to validate her - in life as well as in fiction. It's nice to see she is not a weeping little thing that everyone must feel sorry for. Yes, she's got it tough, but she's a survivor. It's great to see her grow throughout the story too. She flourishes beautifully. 

I fell in love with the magic of this storyline. I'll share with you my Goodreads status updates:
At 61%:  "This story is amazing. There's no better way to describe it, at least without the aid of a dictionary and too many characters for this status update! The neat little twists & turns have me marvelling and my head spinning. I am so carried away by the story arc. It's emotional, funny, heart-wrenching and sad. I really feel for poor Evie." 
At 65%: "Aiden is an enigma wrapped up in a mystery. I love him (a LOT) and Evie is such a wonderful girl - I want a HEA!
Just ordered a signed copy of this book and I can't wait for it to arrive. It's so beautiful."
At 91%: "I am a blubbering, snotty mess right now. I hoped this was how it would play out."
But then just 2 pages later, I was thinking what the...?! I hadn't expected what happened. 
Then my last status was this: "Oh my sweet goodness!! What an ending! I have to say this is hands down THE best YA book I have read in a long time and there have been some pretty amazing ones, I can tell you. But this one? This had me glued to it with the intrigue of it all. I have cried so hard it's beyond words but I'll write my review tomorrow when I can think coherently. All I can say for now is WOW!!"
As you can see by these remarks, I really loved this book. It had it all; mystery, intrigue, great world and character building as well as a great bit of drama. There are such neat little twists and turns that you really don't see until they happen. There was one thing I hoped for with all my heart, but I won't tell you what it is or whether I got my wish. All I will say is, I really didn't want it to be the end, when I got to the last page, tear-stained face and all, I just wanted a sequel to be able to pick up right away. I went to bed with my head a jumble of thoughts and it is only now that I can begin to unravel them.

Lauren Skidmore is a very talented author and I am awestruck by the fact that this is her debut novel. As an author myself, I can only dream of my readers being as in love with my work as I am Lauren's. She's got a captive audience in me for as long as she continues to write. Whatever she writes, I will continue to devour. Especially if I get more Aiden. He's definitely worth the book-hangover I have right now. Though, I don't like these withdrawal symptoms!
Congratulations to a brilliant author on a beautifully written book that I hope goes on to become a best-seller. I am really looking forward to getting my signed copy in the mail! 

Thank you Lauren for the ARC, for the world I fell head over heels in to and thank you also for Aiden!! 

Lastly, thank you to anyone who came to read my review. I hope to see you here again soon!

Welcome To My Stop On The Blog Tour For RAIN By Christie Cote!

Title: RAIN
Author: Christie Cote
Publication Date: May 6th 2014
Source: e-copy provided by the author for review purposes

Taylor Sullivan took her life for granted until she received news that would change her life forever. In a state of denial she met Kyle, who didn’t end up being what she expected. She wasn’t able to escape her new reality, but with his friendship, just maybe she could survive it.

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

I’m not really sure where to start my review of this book. It left me speechless and in floods of tears. I had so many feelings for this book from the very start. Taylor is such a sweet young girl and her life is disrupted when she finds out she is ill. I immediately felt drawn into Taylor’s life as she was a really easy character to connect with. More than that really, it felt like she was a real person not a fictional one. There are many times I wish that fictional characters were real or that I as a fictional character in their world. This time, I wanted to be there as moral support for her. Thankfully, she had Kyle to lean on. *fans self* Sorry but Kyle is hot!!
Taylor is an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. She has a hot boyfriend, Austin. She has great friends and goes to school like everyone else. Normal, right?! Well, all that changed when she found out about her illness. She felt sucker punched and her world turned upside down and inside out. Thankfully, she has amazing parents who support her unconditionally and she has a wonderful best friend by her side. Shame her boyfriend is a moron (this was not my word of choice).
When Taylor meets Kyle, she feels a connection that she can’t deny, nor explain. They are like kindred spirits. He’s kind, supportive, gentle but strong, all the things a boyfriend should be. But that’s the problem, he’s not her boyfriend and she is with Austin, so nothing can happen between them. This doesn’t stop her thoughts wandering to Kyle frequently though.
We follow Taylor’s life as she deals with this illness, her warring feelings for Kyle and various ups and downs. She is such a strong girl and yet she doesn’t see it. You get to experience what she feels throughout it all and I was so sucked in that I felt like it had all happened to me. The way Rain is written is a sheer delight because it is easy to fall into and hard to come back out of – this is the kind of book I love. As I said in the beginning, it made me feel so much and I love it when a book touches me in the way Rain did.
I hope you’ll take a chance on this superb debut novel by Christie Cote. She has an amazing talent for writing and you will fall in love with her characters because they are so tangible and real.
Thank you Christie for allowing me the privilege of reading Rain. I really must buy a signed copy to go with my sacred stash of signed books. This is a book I will no doubt read over and over again. Before I go though, I want to thank you for creating Kyle. He’s such a great guy!
Thank you all for coming by for my stop on the tour I hope you’ll stop by again soon! 

Before you go though, here's a little post from Christie on how and why she became an author:

I became an author because I was determined to become one. I have been in love with writing for around ten years, from poems to unfinished stories to finished novels. Writing is my passion, and one of those things that makes me incredibly excited and happy when I’m talking about it, or doing it. There are many things I want to do in my life, but writing is one of those things that I cannot imagine not doing. I wouldn’t be me without it. I will always be a writer, and in turn I will always be an author because I recently learned, that an author isn’t just someone that has published something. An author is someone who wrote something. You are the author of anything that you write. No one can take that away from me. I’m a very creative person, and writing is my favorite way to express that creativity.
I have a fulltime job that doesn’t have anything to do with being an author, but I hope that someday being an author will be my fulltime job.

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*New Release Giveaway* NOTHING LIKE THE FIRST TIME by Keren Hughes

Giveaway Open to UK, US & CAN!

Author: Keren Hughes
Expected Publication Date: May 20th 2014
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

*This NA Contemporary Romance story contains sexual content and language aimed at a mature audience. 17+*

Carly Summers and Greyston Sterling were each other's first kiss, first sexual experience, first love, first everything.
They had a love that was made to last. That was until Grey took a job as a freelance photographer that took him to the other side of the world. When it came down to a choice between his career and his girl - he chose the career. He's travelled the world and seen sights he wished Carly was there to experience. He's had relationships along the way but nothing meaningful.
Carly has had relationships but nothing that lasted. No-one could compare to Grey. 
Now, 10 years later, Grey's back in town and wants to see if they can rekindle what they had all those years ago. But how can they if he's engaged to somebody else?

Nothing Like The First Time is a tale of how nothing compares to your first love. There are trials and tribulations Carly and Grey must overcome on their way back to each other... what if they can't get over the obstacles life throws at them?

If you would like to win one of two SIGNED paperbacks of my new release, please enter using the Goodreads Widget below.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Nothing Like The First Time by Keren Hughes

Nothing Like The First Time

by Keren Hughes

Giveaway ends June 06, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win

Terms & Conditions:
  • The author is not responsible for loss or damage in the mail
  • The winner will be contacted and expected to respond within a week or face losing the prize
  • The giveaway is open to UK, US and CAN.

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