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Review of THE TEMPTRESS by CJ Fallowfield

Author: CJ Fallowfield
Publication Date: April 10th 2015
Source: e-ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

There’s just something about a French accent, something that conjures images of romance, sex and passion. There’s a reason French is called ‘the language of love.’

Lulu McQueen runs an exclusive honeytrap agency, to test the fidelity of rich men for their suspicious partners. While her business flourishes and her track record in the field remains unbroken, earning her the nickname of The Temptress, her personal life isn’t so successful.

A trip to Paris, years ago, led to the most erotic encounter of her life with Luc, a charismatic, dominant, irresistible Frenchman. For one night she experienced bliss on a scale she’d never encountered and fled in the morning, ashamed of herself, but her Parisian one night stand was burned into her memories and no one since had compared.

With no one available on short notice, Lulu steps in to lure Mrs. Le Grand’s rich husband, for an extortionately high fee. Lulu’s in for the shock of her life when she finds her mark at the hotel bar. Luc Le Grand still has a face and body to make Adonis weep. He exudes confidence, masculinity and raw sex appeal.

The question now isn’t whether Lulu can tempt him, but whether she can resist him, retain her reputation and secure her fee, or whether she’ll fall under Mr. Le Grand’s spell. Again.

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

I don't know where to start this review. There are no words and far too many words at the same time. I started reading this amazing novel a couple of nights ago and wished I had discovered it sooner. I wondered where this book had been all my life. It's well and truly addicting, intoxicating and weaves its spell around you before you even notice. I said in a Goodreads status update that The Temptress is everything that Fifty Shades of Grey could and should have been. I loved the Fifty trilogy, but by only 29% into The Temptress, I was in awe of how much better the story and characters were.

Lulu McQueen is The Temptress, she owns and runs a honey trap agency, sending gorgeous girls out as bait for possible philandering spouses. This in itself made for an intriguing storyline, Men find Lulu completely beguiling and are under her spell quicker than you can say "gotcha". She finds proof of cheating and provides it to the spouse who hires her. But although she is gorgeous, with eyes like molten lava and creamy skin, she has trouble finding a man in her real life. She has a rule that she has to be dating someone for a period of time before sleeping with them, she needs to know if they are in it for the long haul or if they just want sex due to her obvious charms. Having not found "Mr Right", she won't settle for a "Mr Right Now" - plus, she lost her heart due to a one night stand six years prior. Nobody has ever lived up to Luc. He was strong, passionate, dominant and oh so perfect. With his sculpted body, his pores oozing sex appeal and his French accent, Luc was everything Lulu could desire and then some. 
Six years down the line and Lulu can't help comparing every man to the sexy Frenchman that dominated her and blew her mind in bed. 

I loved this story. It was different to anything I have read before, yet there was something in the back of my mind that tugged and said that Luc was Christian Grey in a parallel universe. He was domineering, seriously sexy and definitely always got what he wanted. Except for that one time when he slept with a woman he referred to as "ma belle" - my beauty. No-one has compared to her in the six years that have passed. His life was turned upside down the night he met Lulu in a club and took her back to his apartment. Disappointment is an understatement for what he felt the next morning when he found her gone. 

The characters in this story suck you in and churn your emotions around. CJ Fallowfield is an extraordinary author who draws you close before snaring you while you are unaware. The storyline was not merely interesting, it was the very definition of intoxication. I cried several times whilst reading and had to stop because the words all blurred and my eyes were literally stinging from the torrent of tears cascading from them. From Lulu to her brother Dom, to Coco and Tristan to Luc... every single character took shape before my very eyes and I fell head over heels in love. I couldn't bear to put the book down and lost a whole day just living Lulu's life. 

I love a book that is written from a dual POV because you get to see what goes on in the mind of both of the lead characters. The inside of Lulu's mind was a fun ride, but then you get to Luc and he oozes sex from every word. His sensual French accent in the back of your mind, the picture of him in your mind's eye... Oh yes, Luc is my new obsession!! <3

CJ Fallowfield is one of my new favourite authors. I would read anything she writes, even her shopping list. I can't wait for the next book, even though it isn't about Lulu and Luc - you know that they have to make an appearance somewhere and even a cameo role is good enough for me, though realistically I would love an entire series that revolves around Luc. Even his name tripping off my tongue is thrilling. My mind is cast back to the sexual antics of him and Lulu and their fight to be together. Nothing came easily for these two, obstacles were thrown at them left, right and centre. That was one of the reasons I loved the book so much. 

If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, then this book is for you. If you hated Fifty Shades of Grey and want something better to read, then this book is for you. Whether you are crying out for someone to obsess over like CG or you want someone to erase CG from mind, then you truly need to read The Temptress. Below you will find Buy links.

Many thanks to Charlotte for providing me with a copy of this amazing novel - you had me hook, line and sinker from the opening line.

Thank you for reading my review. I hope to see you soon. 

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