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*Release Day Post & Review* EPIC SINS by Trudy Stiles

Author: Trudy Stiles
Expected Publication Date: November 4th 2015
Source: eARC provided by Give Me Books on behalf of the author in exchange for an honest review

"The Epic Fail series will begin this Fall (2015).

This is a spinoff of the bestselling Forever Family series. These will all be STANDALONE novels focusing on the various characters from the band Epic Fail that were introduced in Dear Emily.

Garrett Armstrong, the lead guitarist of Epic Fail, womanizer and not so nice guy, leaves a trail of women in his wake. A recent one-night stand wreaks havoc, and turns his present completely upside down. He’s faced with a reality that he never expected. Never wanted.

Samantha Weston can’t escape the black cloud that follows her. She suffered an unspeakable loss as a teenager and has been climbing uphill ever since. As soon as her life starts to become manageable she’s slammed with another tragic event, forcing her to abandon the only thing in life that she cherishes. 

A heartbreaking situation throws this unlikely pair together. They’re forced to face things that seem impossible. Can Sam get past the demons that haunt her? Can Garrett accept a fate he swore to avoid at all costs?

Can they conquer the sins that are poised to destroy them or will they become an Epic Fail?

Epic Sins is the first book of the Epic Fail series, a spin-off of The Forever Family series. 
Reading The Forever Family series is not required as these are all spin-off/standalone novels, but it may enhance your experience."

Book 1 - expected Fall 2015
Book 2 - expected Winter 2016
Book 3 - expected Spring 2016

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

Firstly, I must say I have read Trudy's Forever Family series and LOVED those books. But they don't need to be read before Epic Sins, they can be read before, after or not at all - though I would hope you would choose to read them at some point. Everything Trudy writes, she writes it with passion, with love, with heart. There's a reason why she's a Best Selling author, well, many reasons, and her passion is just one of them. 
What happens when an incredible author gets an idea for a series about a rock band? Well, something EPIC is born. 
Garrett Armstrong, lead guitarist of EPIC FAIL, is one of many men that are the love them and leave them type. In fact, he uses women they way one would use a tissue - use it once, then throw it away. He doesn't do romance or commitment. Little does he know there is something headed his way that will change his life irrevocably, whether he wants it to happen or not. Garrett is a good guy deep down, he just has to reach to the very deepest part of himself in order to take on what is headed his way. His life was tough, growing up with a wonderful mother but a poor excuse for a father, until his Mom remarried and brought Bill into their lives. Garrett loves them both dearly, but his life is on the road. It's that of a rock star. Touring, making music and using every woman that will look your way. He thinks he's invincible, but he's soon going to have to learn in the hardest way, that there is more to life, more to being a good person. 

Sam Weston is a nurse, working in NICU, with the sickest of babies. She sees life and death, day in and day out. She's a major part of what gets babies from being severely poorly to being healthy enough to leave the NICU and go home to their parents. She's used to facing hardship in more ways than one. As a teenager, she faced a devastating loss. It truly was debilitating, and this is why she wants to give back in the form of her work. But she's all work and no play. She doesn't have time for love, or even for dating. 

Something is about to happen that forces Garrett and Sam's worlds to collide. Told in dual POV and alternating between past and present, EPIC SINS is a truly heart-wrenching story. It's one hell of an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. The characters draw you in to their world and you feel as though you are living every moment with them. Whether you are reading Sam's past or present, or Garrett's, there's one thing they have in common, their lives were dealt tragic blows. They are united in grief, only neither of them know it. Sam is a nurse and as such, is working for Garrett. She's there to do a job, not to fall in love. But what if she can't help it? He's a musician, out on the road, no room for love in his life. But what if all he needs to do is meet the right woman? What if their paths are destined to entwine? But then what happens when, together, they are dealt a devastating blow? There's something out there that is destined to blow a hole right through what they were working to build. What happens if Sam cannot forgive Garrett for something that isn't even really his fault? 

Will Sam and Garrett find their way back to love? Is love ever really enough for a relationship to survive? If you want to find out, then I suggest buying a copy of this amazing novel for yourself. 

This is one beautifully written, highly emotional novel that had me laughing, crying, screaming and wanting to reach in and knock the pair's heads together. I went through a range of emotions, but mostly, I spent my time crying. Crying for Sam and Garrett's pasts, for Sam and Garrett in the present and for the sweet little babies of the NICU. My heart truly took a battering from the first word to the last, but looking back, I wouldn't have it any other way. Joining these characters on their journey of ups and downs was one of the best things I've done. If you love stories that can bring you to your knees, then this one is for you. 

Thank you for coming to read my review. I hope you'll head to Amazon and purchase a copy of EPIC SINS for yourself.

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