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*Cover Reveal* YOU'VE GOT FAIL by Celia Aaron

Title: You've Got Fail
Author: Celia Aaron
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 26, 2017

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Model: Allen C

Designer: Perfect Pear

I single-handedly built the hottest website for dating and relationship advice. Got a question? Scarlet Rocket can answer it for you. I was your modern day agony aunt with the solutions to all your pesky personal problems. The only issue? I was actually a man named Willis Halloran, not the female Scarlet Rocket. I thought my secret was safe. But then a sexy con artist calling herself Scarlet Rocket began showing up at society events, pretending to be me. I couldn’t let it go, so I tracked her down and confronted her. It went well … except for the part where she stole my wallet. Oh, and the part where she conned my agent into having us work together. And after that? Let’s just say she wound up stealing something much more valuable than my wallet or my [fake] name.

Celia Aaron is a recovering attorney who loves romance and erotic fiction. Dark to light, angsty to funny, real to fantasy—if it’s hot and strikes her fancy, she writes it. Want a free bestselling book? 


Monday, 24 July 2017

Review - The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas
Release Date: August 8th 2017
Source: eARC provided by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review


Annie has never experienced the 'spark' with a guy-that instant chemistry that renders you weak in the knees. That is, until a night out brings her face to face with the dangerously sexy and mysterious Jack. It's not just a spark that ignites between them. It's an explosion. Jack promises to consume Annie, and he fully delivers on that promise.

Overwhelmed by the intensity of their one night together, Annie slips out of their hotel room. She is certain that a man who's had such a powerful impact on her must be dangerous. She has no idea that he belongs to another. That he's forbidden.

* I Hereby Award This Book A 5 Wing Rating!!*


I'm torn in two. Part of me is rocking in the corner pulling my hair out and the other is... well, I don't really know what she's doing to be honest. 

WARNING: long review ahead! 

How to write a review for this book without blurting out spoilers... that's a hard one. I want so much to talk about all the feelings this book brought out in me and why. This story drove me crazy in good ways and bad. It was an emotional roller coaster, that's for sure. 
Going into this story, I knew the topic was "taboo" - I mean, come on, the title alone tells you that. I knew it was a subject matter I don't usually like to read about. The fact is, I only decided to give it a try because of the author. So many people love JEM, me included. 
As it turns out, I ended up glad I had given it a chance. I was tangled up in a myriad of emotions. It brought old feelings to the surface that I would have rather left forgotten. See, I'm admitting right here and now, I have been in Annie's shoes. I guess people will want to throw stones at me for that, so throw stones if you must, just make sure you don't live in a glass house. I won't let trolls get me down for writing a review for this book or for saying I've been Annie. People need something better to do with their time than to bash JEM for writing this story or me for loving it. 

I know that JEM is likely to receive some backlash once this story releases, but I am saying here and now, I will not be jumping on that particular bandwagon. I believe that she is courageous for writing something that the book community may rise up against. She had faith in her characters, in her story and I applaud her for that bravery. 

I always try to stay away from drama and this is no different. I won't be caught up in a sh!t storm. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so please respect that my opinion is my own and nothing anyone says can change that. 

But I digress, I came here to write my review and though the above is a part of it, in a way, I also want to express why I loved this book. While trying not to spoil it for you, of course. But you can always look away now before I get into it... It's your last chance to back out...! 

Annie is an amazing, strong, independent woman. She has a career, a new home, good friends, a good life. All that's missing is a man. But she's not looking for one. She's dated plenty, but she's never felt the butterflies in her stomach, the electrical current from that one touch. Let's face it, we all want a man we have a strong chemistry with but Annie seems lacking in that department. 
That is, until one night when she meets an intriguing stranger in a bar. She's out with friends and doesn't want to 'hook up' but the chemistry she feels with this stranger is something she is beguiled by. The stranger, Jack, feels the same. There's something about Annie that intrigues him. There's an undeniable lust that's all-consuming... 
But unbeknownst to Annie, the stranger is the fruit of the forbidden tree. She 'should' stay away. She 'should' listen to her head and not follow her heart. And she does. For as long as she can. 
Annie knows that she needs to fight this attraction, she needs to just walk away. But is that really possible?

I am. a woman led by my heart. Always have been and always will be. I made the same choice as Annie - as in, there is no real 'choice' because you don't consciously decide to take that step. That choice is made for you by you heart. You can't help who you fall in love with. I've fallen in love with someone forbidden in my past, but I won't make apologies for that because at the end of the day, you really cannot help who you fall for. Love comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. Does forbidden always mean wrong? I know people will disagree with me here and some will say "He was forbidden, you knew he was off limits and you did it anyway." Well yes, I did know (actually, I found out eventually, not right at the start), and yes, I did do it anyway. I could make excuses and say that I was young and naive etc, etc. But I'm not the only one who did something, he did too. He was just as much to blame as me, but women tend to get more flack for it. 

The gamut of emotions Annie goes through is something I am sympathetic to. It's so easy to put yourself in her shoes and feel her every feeling, experience her every thought. Well, it was for me anyway. She doesn't go in with her eyes shut. She knows what she's letting herself in for and yet isn't fully aware of the consequences of her actions. You can't be 100% sure what will happen, it's impossible. You are responsible for your actions but not other people's reactions. 

Jack exudes sensuality. He's charismatic, handsome - though that's not a descriptive enough word - and he's got a softer side, something that can only be explained when you read it for yourself. There's so much going on in his life that you don't realise. People will be quick to judge before reading, but as Jack's story unfolded, it endeared him to me. 

The Forbidden is beautifully written. Jodi has a way of making you feel every emotion and experience everything as if it is happening to you. Her way with words is something unique. She's a wordsmith with a difference. She sucks you in and doesn't let you back out. I was left begging for more at the end of the book and I am hoping there is more to find out about Annie and Jack in the future. Or maybe a story about Micky or Lizzie (with Annie and Jack still present). 

There's so much I wish I could say, but I fear I've already let my mouth run away with me too much. I'll say one more thing; I implore you to give this book a chance! (I wasn't sorry that I did).

Thank you for taking the time to read my review! 😃

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