Review Policy

Written a book and want a review? Like what you have seen from our other reviews? We are avid readers and we are passionate about reviewing. Keren also BETA reads. If you would like to feature on our blog, then get in touch.

Whilst we would love hardcopies of books, we do get sent e-books in mobi format, and PDF's are also fine. Also, it is possible to gift a book on even though we live in the UK. Or you can send a voucher code for Smashwords! We typically prefer YA, NA, Adult Fiction, Erotica including  M/M & F/F.

Once one of us has read your book, we will give an honest review of it. Please note that we are honest, and will write how we truly feel. 
We will post these reviews on our blog, Goodreads, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Smashwords (if you gave a voucher code to download on there), Barnes & Noble, Book Depository (if you have your book on there) and Shelfari (if your book is on Amazon)

We can either post your review as soon as we have finished reading the book or we can wait for a later date (ie. release date as determined by you) to post it. Furthermore, we do like to host interviews, giveaways and whatnot.

Please contact us at I will aim to reply to you as soon as possible.

Many Thanks


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